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This is the era of fitness and wellness. We have realized the importance of keeping ourselves fit and healthy. The age old truth “A healthy mind can only reside inside a healthy body” has been understood by us very well now.


At THALASSO SPA we take your wellness very seriously. We understand that every time you walk into the polluted air of Delhi you lose a part of you in this dust and the fume. You feel exhausted, tired like you don't have the strength take the next step. We understand your hectic life, the struggle that you do everyday, the stress that you have to handle. We know we can’t fix your life but what we can do for you is offer some time in the paradise. A place you walk in and you leave all the worries aside, a few moments just for you. The moments of relaxation and the time to find yourself, the lost you. If you were to imagine yourself in a place where you feel the warmth and the peace. We have created that perfect escape for you in the heart of M Block Market, Greater Kailash II. Our therapy rooms crafted from natural sandstone to replicates the tranquility of a stone cave. The sound of the falling water, big bathtubs attached to every rooms and our qualified therapist give you an experience to cherish, that one thing that lingers in your memory. You smell the fragrance of the essential oils as soon as you walk in, the dimly lighted rooms changes your reality. We have the choice of various imported essential oils that delights your sense of smell. Hygienic rooms with attention to details that is our focus. Our therapists are warm and a pleasure to interact with, they take hospitality very seriously.  Our therapies are specially designed that will cater to your specific needs.

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Thalasso Luxury SPA

2nd Floor, M-31, M Block Market 
Greater Kailash II
New Delhi, Delhi 110048

Phone  011 41706562 / 

          +91 9958706222

Contact us

Thalasso Luxury Spa

Building 47, 3rd floor,

priya community center,

market, Basant Lok,

Vasant Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi 110057

Phone: 011 40534059 / 9821753865

Contact us

Thalasso Luxury Spa

D-3, 2nd Floor, D-Block, Defence colony, New Delhi, Delhi 110024

Phone No. 9899968955 / 01142321176

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